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Long Term Changes Ahead

Last weekend, Pluto moved into the sign of Aquarius. This means a big change in the mood of the culture. Since 2008, ushering in the financial crisis, Pluto moved into Capricorn and has stayed there ever since. Now, Pluto has traveled over 0 degrees Aquarius, a sensitive spot since Jupiter and Saturn conjoined at that degree just prior to the January 6, Washington, DC attack on the Capitol.

So, to understand where we are going, let's look at where we have been. Often, when a planet changes sign, it acts in a way that counteracts the excesses of the sign it recently occupied. Here are some of the differences.



Hierarchical, structured

Egalitarian, collaborative, group oriented

Element: Earth, pragmatic and practical

Element - Air, idea oriented

Preserves status quo, traditional

Forward thinking, Innovative

Authoritarian, fascist (at its worst)


Concerned with status

Cherishes its own goals, hopes and wishes


Tolerant of individual differences

Political Astrology:  Executive Branch

Political Astrology:  Legislature

Pluto is a muckraker. It holds our shadows up to the light of day. The dark side of Capricorn saw some "traditional" values of homophobia, misogyny, and racism, etc., come up to consciousness. Capricorn is not "bad" per se. But Pluto tends to shine a light on the dark side of things so that we can be aware of them and deal with them. Of course, the dark side of Capricorn is alive and well and wreaking havoc, but as Pluto progresses through Aquarius, those things will be dealt with through an Aquarian lens. Simultaneously, we'll see the dark side of Aquarius, too. Aquarius, being air, can become detached from feeling, and that can create havoc, too.

Pluto occupied Aquarius during the American and French Revolutions...and you know what happened in France! It didn't stop at , equality and fraternity, did it? Although it doesn't have to....

Overall, the tone of Aquarius is a little lighter than the dark Father energy we saw in Capricorn. In part, it is because we live in a Cancer country, polar opposite of Capricorn. The US Sun (Executive Branch), Venus (Allies), Jupiter (leadership, luck & generosity), Mercury (media), Saturn (the "haves") and Chiron (a wound in the national identity), all have had very harsh aspects during the time Pluto transited Capricorn. And, it is worth noting that the US had its first ever Pluto return just days after Putin invaded Ukraine, beginning a proxy war for the forces of autocracy vs. democracy. This happened BTW, in the financial sector of the US Chart, indicating that finances would play a large role...and may signal changes to the banking industry.

During the 20 years Pluto will remain in Aquarius, the demographics of the country will change from a white majority to a black and brown majority. I believe this dynamic has spurred on the white supremacy and racism we have seen, as those with power held onto it with a white knuckled intensity.

And January continues to be a humdinger for other reasons. Today marked the Full Moon in Leo, and it is slam bang happening on the United States' North Node - if we don't see a shift in our national destiny, I'll be surprised. It may not happen on the full moon in Leo, but it is on the way. And that means the Sun in Aquarius will be on the US South Node. The South Node is do-over territory. The Universe sets up choices, and we have the opportunity to respond differently - for better, hopefully, or worse, if we so choose.

Lastly, the planet Uranus, the ruler of the sign Aquarius, has been retrograde since late August, 2023. On January 27, 2024, Uranus will station direct (a powerful time) and then resume forward motion. Full steam ahead, Lord of Chaos! No doubt, Uranus will be just a bit more free to bring the surprise factor now that Pluto occupies the sign it rules.

If you have planets in the early degrees of Aquarius, Leo, Taurus or Scorpio or very late degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn, you may be feeling these energies in a very personal way. Se me for a full chart reading or calculate your chart for free at

While these are unsettling times, please don't allow yourself to become prey to fear. We are being stirred up like ingredients in a recipe. As unsettling as it may be, we need to change. Giving in to fear lowers your vibration, and we need everyone to be operating at as high a level as possible for the collective good. Really! Quantum physics agrees! The stakes could not be higher, as our existence is at stake. Give it your best and believe the universe is conspiring in your favor.


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