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New Moon/Solar Eclipse in Aries & Mercury Goes Retrograde - Astrology for the Week of 4/16-22

This should be a banging week, because so much is happening! As always, though, even if the astrological weather is shifting, events may not line up exactly with astrological events or the impact of decisions made might show up later. But, still...

On 4/19-20, we experience a new moon at 29 degrees Aries, along with a solar eclipse. This is in the last, critical degree of Aries, so it will be a very Aries type of New Moon. The energy is in a waxing or building phase, which is very much in tune with Aries' need to act quickly, as if being chased by a deadline. Aries is the beginning of the zodiacal dance, so a new cycle of energy is about to happen. The New Moon, with Sun and Moon conjunct are also holding hands with the planet Jupiter, who is in favor of all things bigger and better. Jupiter is expansive. If you've been troubled by your ability to decide who you are and what you wish to do, this energy will help.

Jupiter also rules lawsuits. The Sun, Moon and Jupiter will be squaring Pluto in Aquarius. This will ramp up the energy in the legal issues the ex-President is facing, as well as the Supreme Court's review of the lawsuits surrounding the "abortion pill", mifepristone.

This is underscored by a Solar Eclipse happening pretty much simultaneously. Eclipses often mark a change in the status quo. Symbolically, the Moon (Female, feeling) obscures our view of the Sun (Leaders). The power of male leaders is going to be challenged by women. (This is reinforced by Mars transiting Cancer, a Moon-ruled sign, trining Saturn in Pisces - the establishment of boundaries to support a vision).

On April 21, two things happen. The Sun and Moon will enter Taurus, challenging Pluto in Aquarius. Taurus describes the conservative view; Pluto in Aquarius represents the need for reform and revolution. These two views are in conflictual relationship. Just a few days later, The Sun will reach the north node, adding a kind of fated quality to events. Something like it is time for things to change.

The leak of government classified documents has taken place under the shadow zone of the upcoming Mercury, and that is no accident, either.

And to finish things up on April 21, Mercury is going retrograde at 15 degrees Taurus, very close to transiting "wild card" Uranus in Taurus. Expect the unexpected! Mercury favors review, not starting new projects.

Underlying all these events - we will be looking in the rearview mirror a lot. Uncovering past actions that may be shocking, often requiring legal remedies as the rule of law applies universally (or so the theory goes) to the great and the small.

Mercury will go direct at 5 degrees of Taurus on May 15 and then leave the point where it originally went retrograde on June 1, 2023. And Pluto leaves Aquarius on June 11. Buckle up, buttercup, it could be a wild ride. But a needed one.


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