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Pluto in Aquarius

Pluto has moved from the critical 29 degree Capricorn to 0 Aquarius. Even though Pluto will only visit Aquarius a short time (this time) until Jun 11, 2023, a sign change in this show moving planet is extremely important. Sometimes people ask me if I am concerned about a planet that was down sized to a dwarf planet by astronomers. Not at all. Any astrologer will tell you that Pluto is impactful - both on the individual and on society in general.

We will have about 20 months of Pluto tap dancing around beginning degrees of Aquarius, then retrograding back into Capricorn. Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008, and most of us remember what that ushered in - the bank failures and recession which affected our economy for years. As Pluto began to exit the sign Capricorn, bank failures were again in the news, with the Silicon Valley and Credit Suisse bank scares. There was a critical difference. The 2008 bailout was with tax payer money (Capricorn is a sign about the hierarchical institutions, including government); as Pluto prepared to launch itself into Aquarius, the bailout was not coming from taxpayer money. Aquarius is a sign about the people and democracy. This time, other banks would initially foot the bill.

Pluto going into Aquarius is a big deal for three reasons:

  • The effect on your personal birth chart (see me for a reading if you don't know how it will affect you personally)

  • Pluto will be occupying the same place it did for the United States at its founding (in its house of money, no less!) and will very quickly reach the US South Node - symbolic of areas where we badly need to do some rectification (slavery, homophobia, misogyny, mistreatment of native people for instance). So here we have a chance to look at the banking system, our communications and things we may wish we'd handled differently. Just a note, two days after the first Pluto return (to its place in 1776) , Russia invaded Ukraine in February, 2022.

  • A collective shift in mood will permeate all our lives. No one alive has ever experienced Pluto in Aquarius, so we will have to look at history for clues on what this might mean. However, all you Baby Boomers will have n opposition from transiting Pluto to your rock n roll, youth loving Plutos in Leo! No one has had that in recent memory either!

Pluto ruthlessly takes out the garbage - the dysfunctional, outmoded and unnecessary. We are habituated to having things a certain way, but that doesn't mean it is the best way. We don't like change, but sometimes, we need it. Did you see how thoroughly and ruthlessly Covid knocked us (globally) out of our rut into a new way of being?

Pluto is going to be solidly in Aquarius - no more lane changes - after November, 2024 until 2043. Pluto moves so slowly, it is kind of like the frog in boiling water. It is not fast, but eventually, the frog notices the water is heating up.

I'll be writing more about Pluto's occupation of this sensitive zone all this week.


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