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Pluto in Aquarius - Part III

It is very significant that Pluto is at 0 degrees Aquarius. Pluto is on a sensitive point where a new cycle of the element air began in December, 2020, as Saturn and Jupiter converged at 0 degrees Aquarius.

The story begins near the US Election in November, 2020. Pluto and Saturn met in the earth element of Capricorn. That was the last time that planetary conjunction would be in the element of earth during our lifetime. It marked the end of the earth element cycle. During it, we acted as though the earth were a large storehouse of infinitely available resources. Of course, it was not.

Fast forward to Jupiter and Saturn making the first conjunction in air at 0 degrees Aquarius in December, 2020. Pluto in the air element of Aquarius not only energizes a sensitive spot, it underlines the beginning of a new cycle of air.

Air is about ideas, about rationality, new technology. Pluto was in Aquarius, an air sign, when our country developed key ingredients - the banking system, the organization of states, the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Pluto was also in the air sign of Aquarius when the French Revolution took place. The ideas of Liberty, Equality, Fraternity, were good ones, although the execution of them eventually fell short.

Both the American and French Revolution questioned the divine right of kings to rule. They declared power should lie with the people. Although we are far from resolution with the Pluto in Capricorn issues - conservatism, social structure, we know we need to fix a broken system. In Air element. we could see the power of the individual and the effect of new technologies. Even when measures are overwhelmingly popular with the people, that doesn't seem to be the deciding factor for Congress.

Aquarius is about the desire of humanity, about marching to the beat of our own drummer. Pluto is about power, reform and uncovering repressed material. Put them together, and you get a revolution of reform.

While the first Industrial Revolution occurred in Earth element and was founded on fossil fuels, we may see a second industrial Revolution based on totally new technologies. Wind, air and nuclear fission are possibilities.

I don't mean to imply that all will be rosy under Pluto in Aquarius. It won't. We will see the dark, more selfish side of Aquarius - cold detachment and rigid adherence to principles over compassion. But we'll see the lighter side, too. As always, humanity must choose how to steer through these energies.

One other historical note - the Renaissance in Europe followed closely on the heels of the decimation of the Black Plague. Systems were broken. The world was unalterably changed. And like the Phoenix, the Renaissance emerged from that broken time. There is a direct parallel here. Covid changed the whole world. Systems failed. A new start had to come from that unthinkable chaos. My mentor, Steven Forrest, said we were breaking down to break through. That is the promise of Pluto in Aquarius. Break down the old, break through to the new. No guarantees, but that is the potential.


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