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Pluto Resumes Direct Movement As the New Moon and Solar Eclipse About To Happen

If you are expecting dire predictions of the future - or, indeed, any predictions, you won't find them here. You can barely turn on the news without hearing something truly awful - Israel, Ukraine, Russia, Iran, the chaos over the US Speaker selection. Someone has cancer. Someone can't get health care. And those thing are true, tragic and heartbreaking, but do not let yourself slip into a state of fear. It robs you of your own free will, and it is up to us and our free will, to create the future, collectively or personally.

Yes, there is turmoil in the heavens - how could there not be? when the hermetic law of "as above, so below, is in effect? But how we respond to any challenge is totally up to us. We are truly in a state of transition, and the agitation surrounding worldwide change is all around us. How we respond is pivotal. A state of fear lowers our vibration and leaves us vulnerable to being reactive instead of proactive. Watch the chaos unfold, but do not let it put you in a hopeless, fearful state.

As a Jesuit astrologer once told me, "if God has written wisdom in the stars, who are we not to read them." So let's read them and be aware, but have hope that they can help us chart a wise path.

Celestial happenings do impact us personally; however, we all live under one sky, so it makes sense that there is a collective impact as well. Recently, I wrote about the eclipse and the new moon. Please read it. It is on That leaned into a more personal point of view.

What I wrote was true, but not the entire picture. Pluto, closely associated with death and revenge, is active in the sky, too. To recap: Pluto has been in Capricorn since 2008 (kicking off the financial recession at that time). Since the US was founded when Pluto was at 27 degrees Capricorn, we were bound to re-experience Pluto at its first appearance there since 1776. And we have. Pluto's orbit is 248 years long, so when it enters a sign, it sticks around a while. I'm not going to recap to chaos of those years. You know what happened.

From March 23 to June 11, Pluto peeked its head into the sign of Aquarius, as it is about to transition to that sign. But Pluto went retrograde and traveled back into Capricorn, uncovering dismaying secrets. Hence, all the ex-President's (and others) legal woes - Pluto was traveling back over ground it had been over, and as it went back to those spots, secrets were revealed. Now Pluto has stopped going backward and resumed forward motion. Forward motion is unfettered motion. It isn't an uncovering of the past so much as it feels like a re-set-up of the past. Trump is running for President, and his power over the Republican Party is demonstrable in the chaos that has ensued in the House of Representatives.

Don't let fear or the ratings-fueled concerns of cable media overtake you. A last and violent burst of Capricornian energy - the type that was all too evident during the Trump years, the pandemic and election denial - is going to be showing up during this last Capricornian gasp of hierarchical institutions and the haves & have-nots. That would be this fall. Pluto will leave Capricorn in January, 2024, and head to Aquarius. No matter what hyperbole you hear, there are more of us that want good things than those who want crazy things. You know what I mean.

So how does Pluto's movements jibe with the New Moon and the Solar Eclipse? At the time of the New Moon/Solar Eclipse, there is a square - a tension, a challenge - between Pluto God of Death & the Underworld and Mars, God of War, located in the (sometimes) vengeful (but always) passionate sign, Scorpio. The presence of the fateful transiting nodes indicates the karma of the Mars- Pluto square has ripened and will probably disproportionately affect those living under the eclipse's direct path. The good news is, ripening karma always happens at a time when we have the resources to face that karma. Doesn't guarantee we will, but we can.

A solar eclipse usually presages important events, especially in the direct path of the eclipse. This can take months to materialize. With the North Node in Aries, it is a time to be courageous. Some may feel it is time for revenge (the Mars square). Mars in Scorpio trine Jupiter in Taurus may want to burn down to the ground the status quo. However, we be assertive, not aggressive. We can see how we are being wounded and not look away, without seeking retribution.

In any event, personal or collective, courage is the positive road to the future. Indecision is a decision itself, and not a good one. As I said in my last post, use only the force necessary to achieve your goals. And that is good advice for a personal relationship, as well as for inter-country relationships.


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