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Uranus and Jupiter in Taurus: Time To Go Green?

While the stars don’t dictate any course of action, wisdom is written in them. An old saying is “As Above (stars), So Below (Earth). If it is time to go green - to launch a new way of providing energy for the planet, it should be reflected in the movement of the stars if it is going to be acted upon on earth. And indeed, the signature is written in the stars.

Taurus is an earth element zodiac sign that is closely related to our planet, to our means of having Enough to survive. And Taurus has had some pretty earth shattering transits lately that reflect the current turmoil regarding the survival of the planet itself.

Taurus is oriented to the status quo, the secure, the staid - so staid, in fact, that some say Taurus can make a comfortable rut into its comfort zone. Two planets are currently in the earth sign of Taurus. The first planet to enter Taurus was Uranus. Uranus stands for rebellious, revolutionary genius and is very future oriented. Does the sign Taurus really welcome Uranian lightning bolts? Probably not! As a consequence of Uranus’ presence, the status quo and norms of institutions - including banking and energy production and usage - has undergone challenges that knocked the status quo to flinders!

The upside of this is the equivalent of a door being blown open, allowing fresh air to reach the rut where Taurus energy had found its comfort zone. While Taurus energy may not have been enthusiastic about Uranus entering its space, new ideas are being let in, old norms challenged in a way that could be good for the future. And acts of future oriented genius could be the result.

On May 17, 2023, another planet entered Taurus by transit - Jupiter. Remember, old norms had already been knocked apart by Uranus’ entry into Taurus. The question with Jupiter is “Where have I not thought big enough to really grasp the brass ring?” And it takes some really big thinking to imagine a world, not powered by fossil fuels, but by green energy.

Let’s go back a little, because I think it is relevant. In January, 2021, Jupiter (expansion) conjuncted (fused) with Saturn (grounding) in the forward thinking sign of revolution and genius, Aquarius, beginning a new cycle of Air. Air is forward thinking. Air has ideas! This new Air cycle replaced a 200 year Earth cycle that saw the beginning of the Industrial Revolution founded on fossil fuels and the exploitation of (what were seen as limitless) resources of the earth.

So, to recap, we have begun a new cycle, kicked off in the sign Aquarius, which exists in a friction laden relationship with Taurus, the earth sign. The ruler of Aquarius,

Uranus, has knocked our old understanding of how we can exploit earth’s resources apart. The status quo is broken.

Enter Jupiter into Taurus, asking how we could think bigger and better! Green energy is air energy - sunlight and wind, very akin to the new cycle of air that is now gracing the earth. Jupiter grants us the possibility of moving forward in this direction. The initial presence of Saturn as we entered this new cycle, and Jupiter is now in the earthy sign of Taurus, allows us to ground and build a new way of being. A green way. A survivable way for the Taurus earth to live with us.

A wonderful opportunity is on the horizon. In late April, 2024, Jupiter and Uranus will meet in Taurus. This will be a great opportunity to catch the brass ring of life and growth through forward thinking, revolutionary actions that can become the new Taurus ‘normal.”

There is no guarantee that humans will embrace green energy, but the increasingly airy and Uranian nature of the upcoming starry movements make me hope it is likely. Every planetary combination has an up and a down side. We can embrace green technology or simply sit back and do little, hoping that luck and new technology will somehow find an answer. We must change our paradigm within to correlate with the stars’ message. Technology can open the door, but human will has to walk through that door. This being the earth, full of human diversity, we will probably see many types of reactions.

But the door to the future has been opened. The possibility of a green future exists.


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