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Wednesday, March 8 - Pisces Full Moon in Virgo

Let's make a little magic under the Piscean full moon!

At 6:40 a.m., on March 8, 2023, the Moon will reach full in the sign of Virgo, with the Sun in its opposite sign, Pisces. Work begun at the New Moon in Virgo last September will bear visible results now. (If you can remember what you were doing last September. I confess, I cannot).

Pisces is watery, visionary, emotional and highly spiritual (at its best). Virgo grounds the vision of Pisces into something that is usable, practical and helps make life better. It is a nice balance.

Talk about magic! Just an hour after the Moon becomes Full, Saturn will change signs. For the last 3 years, Saturn was in the sign Aquarius. For the three years following this March 8, Saturn will be in Pisces, bring visions into concrete reality )wise wizardry). Yhe movement of Saturn into Pisces is reminiscent of the Full Moon energy. Saturn is earthy and practical and seeks to put things into usable form. Pisces is the realm of spirituality and intuition. So both will present us with the question of how to make our beliefs tangible and usable.

Saturn is about Form. Pisces is about Feeling. Together, they may seem like an unlikely pair, but Saturn can give form to the Vision found in Pisces. Like magic, if you can think it, believe in it, put your heart in it, it can be real.

For the last few years, Neptune, the God of Illusion and Delusion has occupied Pisces. Fantasies, conspiracy theories were unchecked. I'm hoping the introduction of the practicality of earth will check these ungrounded fantasies and theories. Saturn rules boundaries, limitations, time and reality. All of that should work to curb fantastical thinking.

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