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Readings on Sale!

You can get a lot of great, free information on the web, but you know what you can't get by this cookbook approach? A sense of the whole birth chart. Blending the mean of all those aspects, transits, planets, signs and houses is still a job for a person.

You are complex, and your chart is highly individual. As a trained counselor, I want to help you find the most satisfying manifestation of the resources you were born with. Especially during this time of uncertainty.

ON SALE: Interpretations of your birth chart, your relationship, your transits or career are available, $10 off per the normal price $35 for 20 minutes (Now $25), $50 for 1/2 hour (Now, $40); or $100 for an hour (Now $90). I also do off-site feng shui readings, or LeNormand cards in a Horoscope layout. Same prices apply. Sale prices good through June 1.

Check out my daily commentary on the "astrological weather" at Linda Sherwin Consulting, online or on Facebook.

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