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Astrology of Tuesday, July 16

Full moon today! And a lunar eclipse close to some very karmic energies today! There is a tug of war between the old, patriarchal, male power (not that there is anything wrong with men - it's just that the power balance has been out of whack for CENTURIES) and the more progressive, compassionate, inclusive expression of female power. The full moon leads us all into a cycle of tidying up loose ends, joining five other retrograde planets in reviewing what no longer works for us. The world is broken, and the eclipse is showing us that only a way that balances the wisdom of our heart AND our head is going to work for us now. Did I say karmic? It is time for us to revisit our shadow - the racist, homophobic and xenophobic past - and clean it up so we can move on. For you, personally, it is time to unearth your skeletons and ask yourself if you would do things the same way now. That was the past. No need to judge yourself. Be aware of things you want to improve and move on. An excellent time for talk therapy. Particularly true for those with sun or planets in mid to late degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn.

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