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Astrology of November 12

The Moon is full today, in peaceful and security loving Taurus, kicking off a 14 day period of reviewing, revising and editing the projects you began about 14 days ago.

Mercury is retrograde, too, in Scorpio, together with the Sun and Venus in Scorpio. Often things happen during a retrograde - appointments missed, keys lost, communication devices acting up. Often things like this happen conspiring to make us slow down and do the best thing for the retrograde - reflecting, reviewing, revising. So this is very much in sync with the energies of the full moon and the next 14 days.

Stop. Reflect on what has been hidden in the areas of relationship. Have power or trust issues led to drama? Do you long for simplicity and peace? Taurus reminds us that we are human and have limits on how much transformation we can stand at once. There is a human cost to intense, dramatic situations. So, even if you have felt quite desparate, this is a reminder to stop, reflect and smell the roses.

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