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Astrology for Wednesday, September 9

Today Mars in Aries will begin its backward journey, stationing retrograde, then lumbering around to go back over the ground it covered in late August. Mars will be retrograde until it stations direct and proceeds forward on November 13.

External conflicts may be less than productive. Instead, focus on dealing with uncertainty introspectively. Look within. Examine the shadow side of your actions. What makes you angry? Why? Where would you benefit from being assertive instead of aggressive?

If you are sensitive to Mars, the retrograde can result in a sort of passionless limbo. Do not panic. This won't last forever. You could also find yourself with a sudden injury or cut - another sign that there might be a better way to handle this transit than to plow ahead as though it were not happening.

This is a volatile and fiery period. It is not a time for final decisions. Confusion is a strong possibility as the Sun in Virgo is also opposed to Neptune (illusion/delusion) in Pisces. This also speaks to the isolation forced by the Pandemic. And it speaks to the losses endured on a personal level due to the Pandemic, as well.

This is a good time to examine your life to see where change is needed and to formulate a concrete plan on what needs to change. (Sun in Virgo trine Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn). It is also a great time to learn about climate change (Uranus in Taurus trine Sun in Virgo) and it's concrete efect on our planet. Fires? Explosions...Violence...signs of Mars in Aries.

Mars is telling us it is time for change. For change to be purposeful and effective, it needs to be planned to fit the real needs of our lives.

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