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Astrology for Friday, July 23

At 10:36 pm, the Moon will be full in the sign Aquarius, opposite the Sun at 1 degree Leo. The next 14 ays usher in a waning moon cycle, so it is a great time to tie up loose ends, reconsider, re-edit and revise projects that had been begun at the New Moon.

Love is a clear feature of this full Moon in Aquarius and Sun in Leo - seen from two different perspectives. The Sun is our Ego-Identity, and Leo is about how we give and receive personal love (and creativity and romance and attention). The Moon in Aquarius is about our feelings for humanity and respect for our differences. It is also being open to something new, something radical, something unthought of before.

If you have planets at 25 Capricorn to 6 Aquarius or 25 Cancer to 6 degrees Leo, you will feel the impact of this full moon more than others. Also, those with planets at 25 Aries or Libra - 6 degrees Scorpio or Taurus, as well.

Love is all you need, the Beatles said. And it is a nice balance of loving energy if we can respect humanity and love those close to us as well. And heaven knows, our divided world could certainly use some loving energy.


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