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Astrology for Wednesday, November 11

Wednesday, November 11, is Veteran's Day, a day to celebrate our country and those who have fought for it. Instead of being focused on overcoming odds for a democratic ideal, we are debating whether or not the electorate has spoken in the last election or if the election has been "stolen."

On behalf of the poll workers and the voters who turned out despite the risk of a deadly pandemic, I am so sorry that your voice has not been taken seriously and that your integrity is being questioned. On a day like today, this ambivalence should be reflected in the chart of the sky - and it is.

On the one hand, there is a trine between the Sun In Scorpio, Neptune in Pisces and a sextile from those two planets to the conservative Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn. The harmony of a trine that includes water element and the planet of illusion/delusion, Neptune, can, for some, foster delusionary thinking. Conspiracy theories thrive in this environment.

In the opposite camp, there is a hard aspect between Venus in Libra, Mars in Aries and the conservative power planets, Jupiter/Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn. Those who want fairness and justice see these fantasies as undermining democracy, and they are angry about it.

The thing to watch in the next few days: Mercury (journalists, media, communicators) in Libra (fairness, social justice) is opposed to Uranus in Taurus - unexpected and sometimes wild accusations. GOP Senators may choose to foster these baseless accusations, but meanwhile there is no move to enact another stimulus package or halt the mind-numbing number of new COVID cases that are beginning to overwhelm hospitals everywhere. Watch the journalists to see what they say . Logic, reason, facts and fairness may be on their side.

One note: GOP contributions for the recount effort may be used to pay down campaign debt. Is this really what is behind all this? Or is it a scorched earth policy the Trump administration wants to leave behind? In any case, delaying results just means less effort is going toward COVID cases and a stimulus effort. It does nothing for our world wide reputation, either.


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