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Astrology of Thursday, August 8

Whoa, during the early part of the day, your ego takes a back seat to your emotional needs, what you'd like to do with your real estate, even talking to the woman in your life (mom, girlfriend, etc.). You may feel unseen and unheard, but today you want to be heard and listened to. It might be satisfying to get things off your chest. As for real estate (I'm selling my house, so forgive the personal orientation), you may find a contract is in your future or at least someone with serious interest may show up. It is good to air your hurts, because you need some TKC, but also to prepare you for a lucky Sun/Jupiter trine. This does not happen every day, and it is very lucky period, so prepare for opportunity to arrive at your door later today and tomorrow, You'll get an opportunity and only you will decide if you want to say "yes" or "no".

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