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Astrology for Sunday, March 28 - Full Moon in Libra

There is a beautiful Grand Trine in today's chart in Air Signs (three of them, North Node and Mars in Gemini, Saturn in Aquarius and Moon in Libra). The sacred geometry of the day expands the Grand Trine into a Great Kite with the Added fact that the Moon in Libra is also opposing the Sun/Chiron conjunction in Aries. And, oh, yes, we'll also see the full Moon in Libra today, opposed by the Sun in Aries. A powerful day.

On a personal level, the Full Moon opposite Aries puts the focus on balance the "me" energy with the "we" energies - who are we in relationship? Can we hold onto our identity or submerge it when we become half of a couple?

I have been fascinated all week by a mundane interpretation - Mars is at 14 degrees Gemini; the North Node in Gemini is at 12 degrees. The North Node in Gemini is about our future path; Mars provides the "gas" to get there. Mars and the North Node in Gemini (facts) square Mercury in Pisces (fantasy). This square evokes the filibuster to me.

Our path to the future very much hinges on the future of the filibuster. With it, Senate Republicans can block, as Mitch McConnell did, voting on any legislation coming from the House. This has expanded the use of Executive Orders dramatically as it was the only way for a President to get things done. (Giving more power to the Executive branch and more volatility to our laws). The wildly popular American Rescue Plan Act passed the Senate by a majority vote only because it was a budget reconciliation bill which meant it could not be filibustered.

Increasingly, Senate Republicans don't want to align themselves with what is popular with the people. They would prefer to suppress the vote so that they stay in power and black or brown minorities (soon to become majorities) don't get a say in government. Over 43 states have bills pending that would block access to voting. In Georgia, it will be a crime to give water or food to those standing in line to vote. What!!?? Some people are calling this the new Jim Crow laws after the South's suppression of Black enfranchisement after the Civil War.

So we have, as a result, a federal bill that has passed the House, moving to the Senate, that would supersede these state suppression efforts and expand voting rights, HR1. This bill, under the current laws, could be filibustered - just by declaring an intent to filibuster, not actually doing it. That would kill HR1, and with it, chances of a Democratic win, ever. We would be a one-party system with the GOP opposing very popular acts.

The filibuster only recently gained prominence; it wasn't in the original Constitution.

So this grand Trine and Grand Kite says to me that there must be balance, fairness (Moon in Libra) with the national legacy of woundedness - an insistence on me first, the heck with everyone else (Sun in Aries conjunct Chiron). Saturn in Aquarius trines the North Node/Mars in Gemini and the Moon in Libra). Saturn asks for reform and accountability; Libra for fairness, Gemini for facts. Libra can also symbolize the law here which may need reform. Mars/North Node in Gemini square Mercury in Pisces demonstrates the tension between fact and fantasy.

With the Grand Trine in play, it is hard for me to imagine that these attempts in suppression will succeed. Instead, I think we will be forced to acknowledge that our wounds need to be healed and corrected (Sun/Chiron in Aries, opposite the Moon in Libra).

In fact, with the tsunami of demographic change that is sweeping the country (whites will be a demographic minority within a decade), I am pretty sure whichever way the filibuster goes now, this point of view will fall of its own weight - but this could delay things that need to happen now by years.


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