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Astrology for the week of 10/30/23

Where have you simply grown bored with your life? How do you balance a need for freedom with a need for deep connectedness? Where are you walking a tightrope financially to serve your needs and balancing that with a desire to express your spirituality?

You are capable of surprising actions right now, much of it centering on deciding what you need at a soul level and where you are willing to break new ground. Just as snakes shed their skin, there is a part of yourself that you have outgrown. R

eady to expand or is it too risky? In the intense season of Scorpio, you may not be able to repress your deepest desires for the sake of normalcy much longer.

Old boundaries and limits are irksome now. But what are you prepared to do about it? Sun conjunct Mars and Mercury in stormy Scorpio May give you the perseverance to find your own truth, act on it and speak about it.

There are no wrong options. We learn from everything we do, but be aware that this particular call for freedom, individuating, won’t last forever. If you need it, ask yourself what you need to keep and what you are willing to leave behind.


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