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Astrology of Monday, February 17

By now, if you are interested in astrology, you'll know that Mercury is retrograde right now. I won't cover this now, but I have posted a blog on how to make the most of the retrograde. It basically said it is time to revisit and edit things that are already begun, not to initiate a new course of action. Nuff said, see my other post.

Don't be surprised if you run into those who seem to have lived past their expiration date because their attitudes are so dated. It is apt to ruffle a few feminine feathers if they are asked to act like a good little woman. True to the retrograde, an explosion might not be forthcoming, but seething resentment may ensue. Old paradigms are broken; new ones must emerge.

The old authorities are in temporary ascendancy, and sometimes you have to take a customary bow to the authorities; but that does not mean the game isn't changing. It is. Bide your time til March is over. Then you'll feel freer and be less misunderstood when you speak up.

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