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Astrology for Tuesday, April 14

Intensity, emotional responses, and a thirst for bettering oneself is the result of the Moon entering the marriage of the Pluto-Jupiter conjunction currently in the sign of Capricorn.

There is a challenge presented in terms of ego. Another challenge is the new circumstances - the current lack of preparedness or new technologies needed to combat the current pandemic.

It doesn't guarantee a good or bad outcome, but it could easily involve a knee jerk reaction arising from the deepest part of the psyche. An impulse to seize control on one's own terms with the object of bettering oneself. A great day for therapy when everything is out on the table, but it can be rough on personal relationships. People are emotional.

On the other hand, a person can ask how can I behave, not because the authorities tell me, too - but because I am self motivated. What are my ethic, my identity? A choice to act in new ways to shore up the "new reality" is possible, but the frustration with authorities is very real.

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