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Astrology of Tuesday, June 16

This Gemini season and curiosity is a Gemini thing! Newly unearthed facts may challenge conventional thinking; after all, a new fact can be a game-changer. Sun in Gemini is square Jupiter in Capricorn. Whenever the facts change, a healthy philosophy must allow that to have an impact on a person's view of the bigger world. Are you flexible enough to allow new light to shape your current concept of authority?

Gemini is a haven for curiosity. Not surprisingly, it also represents the media. So the media is under fire both internally, in newsrooms across America and externally, with targeted violence from the police, in many cases.

Venus, how we relate is also in Gemini and in harmony with developing new ideas! (Venus in Gemini trine Asteroid Pallas Athene). You stand on your new values. With Mercury, the ruler of Gemini, BTW, trining Mars in Pisces, we are walking our walk and talking our talk.

Thoughts have expanded; facts have been collected, and authority must adjust...or be left behind! With Moon in Taurus, approaching Uranus, the wild card, in Taurus, there may be some radical adjustments in store. Expect the unexpected. Whatever happens, it won't be boring. And boring is the bane of Gemini's existence!

Later this week, the ruler of Gemini, the planet Mercury, will go retrograde. These insights may be thought through, revised and reissued to the world after late July.

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