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Astrology of Sunday, August 2

Polarization seems intractable. The media, BlackLives Matter, many forces, are giving the same message to institutions of power. Mercury/Vesta in Cancer opposing Jupiter/Saturn/Pluto in Capricorn. In the US Sibley Chart, Mercury and Vesta are conjunct the Mercury of the US Chart, which is not only the voice of the country, but journalists, too. Remember how the Washington Post says Democracy Dies in Darkness? These forces are arrayed, however flawed some might feel they are, to speak truth to the institutions of power.

This aspect is bisected by a skipped step which must be internalized to move forward - listening to the voices of the voiceless, Eris in Aries, allowing them to have a seat at the table of power as well. The way out of this three way stop between Mercury opposing Jupiter/Pluto/Saturn in Capricorn and Eris in Aries is the sign Libra - signifying the building of relationships, being willing to negotiate with tact and diplomacy - or taking a stand for social fairness. Mars is quickly moving toward Eris in Aries. On the way, it is going to pass over and partake of Lilith, the tendency to “do things my way”. In this independent spirit, Mars is lending a martial quality to the stand for fairness, for reporting and giving vice to the voiceless.

The media is under fire for its mostly white newsrooms and for reporting that is largely a reinforcement of white philosophy. So the media, as well as institutions of power need an updates. Eris and Mars will see to it. Martin Luther King said the arc toward justice is long. The possibility is there that the arc will bend a little further.

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