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Trump, the US and the Great American Eclipse of 8/21/17

There are profound connections between Donald J. Trump, the US Chart and the upcoming eclipse. Here are some Eclipse 101 facts to get you started.

An eclipse, generally speaking, is a herald of a season change, lasting six months or more. Here is a metaphor: a person crosses a suspension bridge over a yawning chasm. Upon reaching the other side of the bridge safely, the bridge collapses. No going back the way you came! The path is the way forward.

“As above, so below, is a metaphysical truism, Planets, stars and lights don’t cause events to unfold in a predestined way – but there is a correlation. What happens above is a picture of possibilities that can happen, but the outcome is also shaped by our free will in making choices among available options. An eclipse pictures the way forward.

Eclipses aren’t rare – we have 4 – 5 every year, but not many have a path of total darkness affecting ONLY the continental United States. Symbolically, the shadow has emerged. Now that the shadow has emerged, we have a chance to clear it if we have the will to do so. If we choose not to address the long shadow of our collective racism, genocide, misogyny and intolerance, our essence as a democracy is threatened.

The last time an eclipse was only across the US was nearly 99 years ago in 1918. At that time, we saw the death of Woodrow Wilson, a truce ending WWI,(after a domestic debate of isolationism vs, globalism – and the demonization of German immigrants) , Margaret Sanger was jailed for advocating birth control, and the Sedition & Espionage Acts were passed. In 2017, we are seeing the echo of these topics again – isolationism, immigration, globalism, women’s rights and treason.

The upcoming eclipse is at 28 degrees of Leo. Leo is the sign of leadership. Involved in this new moon on are Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, the North Node and two fixed stars that – Regulus and Al Jabhah.

The New Moon is a new beginning. It can herald a change in leadership. If the leader isn’t doing a good job, they can be removed by accident, illness, impeachment or mutiny (for a military leader). I would be very surprised if Trump remains President by this time next year.

Does Donald Trump have anything aligned with 27 or 28 degrees Leo? Yep. His Mars, that bellicose, hasty and rash planet, is at 26 degrees Leo. His Rising Sign, the point where his energies meet the world, is 29 Leo. He doesn’t hide his aggression – we are likely to see it revealed in a tweet.

His Sun ( ego) has now entered 0 degrees Virgo – close enough to the eclipse planets to matter. Usually, when the Sun enters a new sign, it takes some time to adjust to a new way of being. The archetype of Leo is the King. The archetype of Virgo is the humble servant. Wonder how that will go over! Trump’s Sun will remain in Virgo for the next 29 years.

When something begins, something else must die. What happens the week before an eclipse is important. This is the ending phase. In the last week we have seen so much – the President defending white supremacists, being complimented by David Duke, criticizing members of his own party, firing Steve Bannon. Donald Trump seems to be imploding, and he may have sown the seeds of his own destruction.

The most commonly used chart for the United States of America is the Sibley Chart dated July 4, 1776. This US chart has connections to the eclipse chart and to Donald Trump’s chart. The US Moon, which symbolizes the people of the United States, is at 27 degrees of democracy-loving Aquarius. Aquarius is directly opposed to the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Regulus and Al Jabhah of the eclipse. Because Trumps’ Mars, Ascendant and Progressed Sun share that point with the eclipse, it affects him, too.

This points to an adjustment of the balance of power between the people and the leader.

At the time of the eclipse, Mercury will be retrograde. So will Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. When planets are retrograde, their action is turned within. The Eclipse will illuminate the 9th house of the US Chart. This house is about searching for truth. Having half the planets retrograde means people have to turn within to decide what their values are.

The US Chart has its Mars (arguments) in Gemini (speech) conjunct Trumps Sun (ego) and his Uranus (sudden upsets) in the 7th house of allies and partners. All of this is serving to build momentum for the leadership adjustment that the eclipse triggers.

This eclipse is known as a fire eclipse because all signs of the fire family are represented – Leo (eclipse point), Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries. The eclipse Saturn in Sagittarius also opposes Trump’s volatile Sun/Uranus in Gemini (chaos) and conjuncts his Moon – his relationship with women, Saturn will also be opposing the US Mars. When Saturn is involved, there is a karmic quality – you reap what you have sown. Uranus is the wild card. Expect to be surprised.

Since these planets all occupy the fire family, they speak the same language. Action flows freely between all of them – you don’t have to do much to initiate activity – the seeds are already planted. This promises to be a wild harvest of past actions that move us all closer to our destiny.

In looking at the eclipse, Trump’s chart and the US Chart an intense and curious formation occurs – the finger of God. The finger of God is a fated formation, with the US finances causing an adjustment in the way the eclipse plays out. Healing the wound of our shadow also causes an adjustment. The trigger point is the US Moon – the people’s will. Again, the balance of power between the people and leadership is in the crosshairs of the eclipse.

As the eclipse moves from place to place, entirely new charts for the eclipse will occur. But in every chart, everywhere, the eclipse will occur in the ninth, tenth or eleventh house. In the astrology of world events, the 9th house is the Supreme Court, the 10th house is the Executive branch, and the 11th house is Congress. Here in Missouri, we are experiencing a 9th house eclipse so not only will we see truth as important, value the foreigner, but the Courts may play an important role too.

This eclipse is in the Saros 145 eclipse series. A Saros eclipse happens roughly every 19 years. Changes in leadership frequently happens.

  • 1909 President Taft assassinated

  • 1927 Great St. Louis Tornado

  • 1945 Death of President Roosevelt; President Truman installed.

  • Dropping the bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima

  • 1963 President Kennedy assassinated; Pres. Johnson installed

  • 1981 President Reagan experiences attempted assassination

  • 1990 Impeachment proceedings against President Clinton

Is it usual for these cross aspects to pile up between the charts? No. When coincidences pile up, we astrologers start to take them seriously.

Interaction between the eclipse, Trump and the US is guaranteed by the stars. But the outcome is very much dependent on what the people decide government should be, based on their values.

I am banking my hopes, as change approaches, that we will fix our broken systems and care enough about our world to reflect that in our policies. Sure, there are bad people with counter-productive agendas, but there are an awful lot of good people, too, who extend goodwill to their fellow man, to their government, and the planet they live on.

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