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The Party Has Moved to Gemini Territory!

Close on the heels of an important alliance of Mercury, Jupiter and Pluto in air signs, Donald Trump's hush money trial resulted in a 34 count guilty charge. The air signs are affiliated with the Rule of Law. In this unprecedeented case, the Rule of Law, a decision by 12 juries picked and approved by DJT's attorneys, found him guilty on all counts. There was plenty of reaction from the MAGA followers, but no one said he was innocent, just that he should not have been tried.

Mercury and Jupiter are in Gemini right now, working in concert with Pluto in Aquarius, a planet of transformation in the sign of democracy. A lesser known fact, as reported by Robert Reich, is that Trump offered high salaries to witnesses or their families in an effort to tamper with witnesses. Typically, defense attornies instruct their clients not to do this to avoid charges of witness tampering.

Peace talk terms (Mercury) between Hamas and Israel were made public by President Joe Biden in an effort to hold both parties accountable to public pressure to end the war. In fact, Biden openly said that the war may be being prolonged to help Netanyahu with his political problems. The hand of the Jupiter (head of government) - Mercury (announcements) - Pluto in Aquarius (change) is pretty evident here.

Lastly, Biden announced (Mercury-Jupiter) an Eecutive Order (Jupiter in Gemini) limiting the number of people who could legally enter the United States on any given day. In making the announcement, he very clearly said the EO was not going to fix the understaffing of border guards or lack of Judges to process asylum cases (the backlog is in the millions). He said it was the ONLY way he could address the problem, given the GOP's refusal to vote an approve a bi-partisan bill that they had asked for. At Trump's insistence, the effort was abandoned so that he could run on immigration in the 2024 election.

Things have shifted as Jupiter is energizing the Gemini sector. Hopefully, it will bring the youth vote and the diversity vote into the democractic fold. Tomorrow is the Gemini New Moon, too, so the processes that have begun will likely continue on a growth path.

On a personal level, the energy of Gemini is lighter, more sociable and less judgmental than last month. This should continue for the coming year. It is a great year for writing, or verbal expression of any sort - writing, speaking or listening. It is a great year to discover facts and truth. There is not a lot of judgment attached to them - it is more a matter of collecting information so that a useful philosophy of life can be created when Jupiter enters Sagittarius. Those with Virgo and Pisces planets may find it a bit more challenging to speak their truth, and those with Sagittarian planets will need to back up and consider the impact of new facts, new information, on their philosophy.

Gemini energy is good summertime energy, so enjoy! Gemini is also the sign that bridges one state to anothere, so let's hope we are at a transition point, moving us toward greater peace, personally and in our world.


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