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Mercury Goes Retrograde on April 2

Mercury is about to start its backward journey (retrograde motion) at 27 degrees Aries. This will be the year’s first retrograde, but not the last. We generally have 3, sometimes 4, Mercury retrogrades a year, so it isn't a rare event. What makes this retrograde interesting to me is that we have two major astrological events happening during the retrograde period, April 2 - 26. All the usual Mercury advice applies, which I’ll address in a minute.

On April 8, we’ll have a total eclipse of the Sun at 25 degrees Aries, mighty close to the point where Mercury goes retrograde. And we have a lineup of planets in mid degrees of Aries - Sun, North Node of the Moon and Chiron. In fact, when Mercury reaches the same degree as the Nodes and Chiron, Mercury suddenly resumes direct motion. Mercury always brings up “old” material - remember it is going over ground it has already covered. Kings and government for centuries felt a change of leadership was imminent on a solar eclipse. The full effect of the Eclipse may be felt over a matter of years. In this case, we had a solar eclipse on August 2017 during the Trump presidency. Since Donald Trump is experiencing the eclipse on his mid heaven, the house of his career aspirations, I believe these eclipses are linked to the other, and we will see a change in his public career aspirations. This may not happen on the day of the eclipse, sometimes it takes time to mature. But I believe this finishes him publicly, even if it takes a bit.

Mercury is traveling over old ground just until it reaches the North Node of the Moon and Chiron in Aries. The Nodes bring in an unexpected twist of fate, and Chiron represents a wound in or unhealthy spot in our national identity. Who do we want to be? Democracy? Autocracy? Christian Nationalism? Illiberal democracy, to use Victor Orban's term/. It is time to stop looking to the past, and define a new vision that is assertive, realistic, and helps heal our country’s identity.

On a personal level, Mercury Retrograde will have the strongest impact on anyone with Sun or planets in the latter half of Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn as well as Sagittarius and Leo. Pretty broad impact!

The second event that happens just before Mercury leaves the past behind is the exact conjunction of two heavyweights - Jupiter and Uranus at 21 degrees Taurus. Faced with old solutions, it is time for a bold breakthrough that can have long term, life changing results.

On a personal level, anyone with planets near 21 degrees Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius as well as Capricorn and Virgo will feel the conjunction more personally.

The usual Mercury retrograde advice applies. It is time to review, revise and re-evaluate. Not a good time for initiating new projects or signing contracts. Faced with a similar situation in the past, would your response be different? Has your perspective shifted?

Patience goes a long way during the retrograde. Appointments may be rescheduled, travel plans delayed, etc. Use the time to go slowly and be mindful of what is happening and why. Employers may extend offers that don't materialize after the retrograde. Sales contracts are best signed after the retrograde. If surgeries, or even hair cuts can be delayed, do it. If you can't wait, be prepared for delays. We won't be entirely free from Mercury’s shadow zone until May 13, when Mercury passes 27 degrees Aries where the retrograde began.

So watch this April! See if any patterns emerge or if any piece of the past has an expiration date. Let it go and get ready to move into the future.


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