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Hello, Gemini!

The Sun is making its yearly trek through Gemini. The Sun will be in Gemini for the next thirty days, but Jupiter, soon to follow suit on Sunday, May 26, will be in the sign for the next year. So from Sunday to the beginning of Cancer, June 23, we are experiencing A double dose of Gemini.

Gemini enhances our ability to communicate: speaking, writing, listening, etc. Gemini gathers information like a magpie, enjoys great versatility and is a Jack of all trades. Gemini covers transitional states, like bridges between points, or in a larger sense, the bridge between life and death itself. Gemini loves variety and is as curious as a wide-eyed toddler.

Gemini knows words can distract or inform. Gemini versatility taken too far can result in being scattered or superficial, always chasing the next intriguing idea. The white rabbit in Alice in Wonderland is a good example, crying “I’m late, I’m late, for a very important date.”

Jupiter amplifies and gives us a chance to grasp the brass ring in the affairs of the house it occupies. Gemini things are, as said, communication of all sorts, siblings, neighbors, and elementery education. Gemini can have a concern with branding and marketing or, more negatively, wear a mischievous “trickster’s” face.

So look to the house or houses in your chart that have the sign Gemini on the cusp. This is the area where you will have a month long effect of the Sun (identity, ego), but a year long visit from the Santa Clause of the zodiac, Jupiter.

Jupiter heralds opportunity. Where have you felt you were not quite worthy of all the Gemini gifts (talking, writing, listening)? Jupiter will bring you opportunities to let you test your worthiness. You decide whether to say yes or no to those opportunities. Depending on which house is your Gemini house, this behavior could surface in your marriage, if you have Sagittarius rising, or you may need to speak your truth if Gemini occupies your ninth house. if you have a book to be published, now is the moment!

Also noteworthy is that Uranus is currently at 23 degrees Taurus. This is the exact degree of Israel’s Sun, so look for more havoc (Uranus) in the Executive Office (sun). The status quo, old norms, are being disrupted everywhere, but it hits Israel especially strongly because of its National chart. Venus is only three degrees away from Uranus. Venus encompasses the nation’s allies and partners. The proximity of Venus to Uranus suggests great stress. Indeed, as opinions rage about the War on Hamas and Netanyahu’s conduct of it, the UN International Criminal Court is seeking warrants for Netanyahu, Defense Minister Yoav Gallant and three Hamas leaders. A member of the Israeli war cabinet has threatened to resign, if there is no plan to replace Hamas. Many in Israel question how the Israeli military can hold its own soldiers accountable.

Also in the Mideast, Iran’s President has been lost ina fatal helicopter crash. The President was second only to the Ayatollah Khomeni and was widely expected to succeed the 85 year old when he steps down.


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