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Jupiter Enters Gemini

Jupiter has spent the last year in Taurus, challenging us to think bigger in terms of our relationship to the earth. It challenged us to move out of our old comfort zones into a forward thinking future. Today, Jupiter leaves Taurus to spend a year in the air sign of Gemini.

Broadly, Jupiter can bring you opportunity to expand your horizons, to do what you may have longed to do, but didn't think you were ready or able enough. Jupiter makes you feel lucky and optimistic to take on that challenge! Gemini is all about communication of all types, marketing, early education, short trips. And it is more curioous than a two year old!

Jupiter zips around the odiac every (roughly) twelve years. So how did it light up the Jupiter sector of your chart in the past? (if you are older than 12, that is) Look back in increments of 12 and see if a theme emerges. It won't be exactly the same, of course, but it might give you a clue. Often, Gemini territory involves new ideas, new facts. With Jupiter, it can be a new philosophy, too.

Jupitr last visited Gemini in 2012 when Barack Obama, who has Moon in Gemini, was running for his second term. It was a big, bold breakthrough for the country to have a First Family of Color.

We had a full moon Thursday with Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius, letting see with a little more clarity, what adjustments to our philosophy are needed in light of the facts we now have. And yesterday, Venus, goddess of love, beauty, self confidence and finances joined the Gemini party. With Sun, Venus and Jupiter all in affable Gemini, there may be enough chatter going on to justify a party atmosphere....but with the Big Kahuna Pluto occupying Aquarius, another air sign, it won't be superficial. New ideas, new technologies will change life as we know it.

We will communicate, but who is listening? Alexa, Siri, Facebook? Our psychological motivations are being explored. Yes, it has been happening already, but things like A1 are just getting started.

Jupiter will race to 22 degrees Gemini until October 9 when Jupiter goes in retrograde motion until going direct again until February 4, 2025. That retrograde period will be a look back over old ground previously covered during the summer and early fall of 2024. After that period of review, Jupiter will travel through Gemini until June 10. Jupiter will turn its attention from abstract ideas to include emotions in the watery sign of feelings, Canceer.

In the United States chart, Jupiter in Gemini will conjunct the US Natal Uranus at 8 degrees Gemini on July, 1, 2024 (and affect it a little beore and after). This ramps up inventiveness and revolutionary technologies. It can also heighten tensions between the judiciary and those who want the system revamped. The Supreme Court may cause more turbulence for women from September all the way through June of next year as transiting Jupiter in Gemini conjuncts Mars, then Venus in the natal US Chart. All of these transits have a direct line of influence to the highest lawgiver in the land, the Supreme Court.

Israel continues to be the center of controvery as Jupiter in Gemini transits Israel's natal Uranus. Sad to say, the war may get bigger.

For those of you who are writers, Gemini's written communication ability will meet Jupiter, the publisher. Dash off that book!

For those of you with your Sun, or another planet occupying Gemini territory, get ready for a dynamic and opportune year as the Santa Claus of the zodiac pays you a visit! Make the most of these opportunities because it is a limited time offer - then Jupiter will be off occupying another sign and making another person's day!


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