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Cancer Time!

Last Thursday, we had the Summer Solstice, longest .day of the year On Friday, the Sun entered Cancer, and we had a Full Moon in Capricorn. The most notable feature was it happened when Neptune (planet of illusion/delusion, sprituality and an inability to cope with reality) was almost precisely square the Sun in Cancer, ruled by emotion, sensitivty, feeling and a desire to nurture. The Sun, in turn was very close to Venus, a planet about relationships, and Mercury, a desire to communicate.

When the Sun moves into Cancer, it is time to take stock of your inner emotional landscape. What do you need for healing, to be nurtured, feel loved? Venus and Mercury so close to the Sun ramps up the desire to be allied with another, and to communicate. Not just to feel, but to say what is felt. The square to Neptune puts tension on the reconciliation we must make to surrender our personal will to spirit. Doesn't a prayer say "Not my will, but thy will?" Sometimes, we can't see the big spiritual picture. We may not be thinking big enough, or maybe in too linear a fashion. Spirit can transcend what we imagine. And that may be just what we need to be healed.

Under the Full Moon in Capricorn opposite the Sun in Cancer, we can see clearly our achievemnts in the outer world as well as our feelings in our inner world. Does our outer circumstance reflect what we really feel and want? This cycle of inner vs outer awareness will be undergoing a period of review lasting until the New Moon in Capricorn on December 31, just after the Winter Solstice, the shortest Day of the Year.

Against this backdrop, we will have the first Presidential debate on Thursday, June 28. We have the Sun, Venus, Mercury in Cancer, a water element, and Saturn, Neptune and the Moon in Pisces, another water element. President Biden's Mars, Sun, Mercury and Venus are in Scorpio, also water element. Together these make a favorable and supportive trine for his debate performance. Perehaps bet of all, Jupiter (Luck!) is conjunct his natal Saturn in Gemini, the aspect that refers to his stuttering. Jupiter's presence there gives his ability to communicate well.

Donald Trump has the disruptive planet Uranus (chaos) on his Midheaven (most public point - Career). Alone, Jupiter in Gemini would be a good thing for his Sun, North Node and Uranus. But it isn't alone. Jupiter makes things bigger, so his tendency to shoot himself in the foot might be on display in a very "bigly" way. He has a number of difficult aspects, particularly issues with women. He also has some long term health issues as well. He is claiming that Biden uses performance enhancing drugs. Drugs that were often given to White House staffers (often and improperly) during his Presidency. Since he is usually doing the very thing he acuses others of doing, he may well be turning to drugs to improve his performance. In fact, drug use can be one of the Neptune manifestations I covered above.

Enjoy the debate, and take stock of your own inner landscape!


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