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The Astrology Of Now for Us and the US

We are walking on shifting sands, and I want to focus on "why" astrologically. A lot is happening now. It is all important to you personally and to the country and world. Because I'm USA based, I'll concentrate on that. I'll cover each factor, in a series of blog posts. I'm starting with Uranus in Taurus. Uranus will be in the sign Taurus now until April 25, 2025. It is a game changer, for sure, involving our planet, our finances and what we eat. Yeah, tell me who isn't affected by that agenda!

Uranus is always about revolution, about individualism and individual rights. Uranus, an air sign, has big ideas and innovative approaches. It always acts in unexpected ways. By contrast, Taurus is an earth sign, grounded and practical. The Singer sewing machine was invented during another Uranus in Taurus transit...and it was a highly practical new innovation that revolutionized women's lives. We can expect something similar unexpected technological breakthrough that revolutionizes our way of living.

Uranus was in Taurus (it happens every 84 years) when a New Deal revolutionized our values and re-prioritized our spending. Taurus is a financially oriented sign, and the entry of Uranus brings the "New" part. Spending is the expression of values. People were hurting during the Depression, and the introduction of Social Security began a new role for government. Uranus is very humanitarian, so our value was protecting our freedom and taking care of people. The Uranian part of the equation takes ordinarily cautious Taurus to new places.

Taurus is a peaceful sign that enjoys the simple, sensual pleasures that feel good, look good, sound good, smell good and taste good. After the last seven years of chaotic Uranus in Aries, the peace and simplicity of Taurus is something we need. We haven't found peace or simplicity yet, but we are looking. The need to find something that works for people has its roots in the inequities of the system - wealth inequality, a broken health care system, polarized government. A practical solution is needed for the people (Uranus).

Taurus is literally earth and nature. Climate change happening at the same time as Uranus is in Taurus is no accident. We have a need as a species to "earth" ourselves, to ground ourselves in the natural world. So a new appreciation for nature may emerge

Uranus may well find some innovative technologies to help with an earth crisis - climate change - if our species is to survive. Innovations like smart phones, apple tv's, alexa, etc., have revolutionized our world. An old adage is that when Uranus is involved you should expect the unexpected. It is therefore hard to predict exactly what unpredictable Uranus will invent, but it is guaranteed to be innovative technology that will revolutionize our everyday life.

Taurus is a financial sign, so a revolution in finances will happen. Notice I said revolution, not collapse. Finances may be at risk - I'll cover that in a later post, but Uranus brings revolution, not collapse. Bit coin, crypto-currency are all possible areas for new technology to meet the financial sector. So is artificial intelligence and robotics in industry and our personal life. The current inequity in wealth will become more of a system of equals, not rich vs. poor.

At the heart of wealth inequality is the rampant, unchecked system of capitalism we now have. This broken system will fall. I can't predict where Uranus will take us, but I fervently believe we are going to go there. I'm not predicting perfection, but I do feel there will be something new.

GMO's are rapidly entering and beginning to dominate the food supply. Will the herbicides and factory farming continue? They are a newer technology, but I think there will be a strong counter-reaction to them. At least I hope so. A new technology may rear its head - one less toxic to the earth and its inhabitants.

Individual freedom is going to be a siren song for so many. Free to be oneself, whether racially or sexually or spiritually. I can't see gay people settling for being treated as "less than" others. I can't see people tolerating the day to day drudgery of paying off enormous student loans. Women will expect to be treated as equals of men. New technologies will be in demand as more women have difficulty in conceiving.

The current polarization of people politically will not continue indefinitely. The system appears to be broken. There will be a demand for more individual say in how we are governed. A binary political system may not survive. Voting may be ranked and the electoral college abolished.

All this sounds positive, but while positives are possible, negatives are usually in play. After all, the stars may describe the best use of a planet in a sign, but it doesn't compel anyone to choose it. Because we are dealing with humans who have free will in choosing their course, there is a dark face to Uranus in Taurus. The dark side of Uranus is to be coldly detached from the natural world, seeking technological solutions that don't take into account the impact on nature, our food supply, the financial systems. Or getting so grounded that we can't move forward. Earth becomes a quagmire while we are immersed in virtual reality, ignoring the toxic environment around us. A segment of the population will, in fact, exhibit these behaviors. Playing out the positives is a choice. I hope the majority choose it.

It seems like a lot to happen before April, 2025. It may or may not all happen - but a direction may be set. Business practices can be values based. And don't forget the possibilty of a completely unforseen wild card, because Uranus is a wild card. Discovery of Uranus ushered in the American and French revolution. For the first time, people mattered, not just the nobility. These are all possibilities, but as in anything Uranian, Expect the Unexpected! With Taurus around, Uranian solutions will have practical applicability. You can bank on that!

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