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Astrology of November 4

Men and women are in a challenging position if they try to absorb each other's views, and your own head and heart (or gut) are of two minds as well. You might find yourself saying, "I want to do...", but I"I know I should do..." My vote is to go with the gut, or your intuition. Today's Moon sign favors all things new and different, and you'd probably go to the mat to defend anyone's right to have a divergent viewpoint. At least, most of you. You can, and some do, repress the rights of others. There is a faction of people who have power or money or both, that seek to prop up their own image, prepared to defend the rightness of expressing their own point of view and keeping their public image intact. You get to choose..speak your truth, defend others' right to be themselves, and your right to be you or prop up a fading image that is increasingly out of touch with the present. Not all choices take the high road, but you do have the right to choose. Just be sure you make the right choice for you. If you don't, have a little compassion for yourself. Tomorrow is another day, and it will be full of choices, too.

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