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Astrology of November 6

Mercury is retrograde, or apparently moving backward until Nov. 21 when it lumbers around and resumes direct motion. That will be an important day. But it is still in the shadow of theMercury (not past the point where it began to go backward) until early December. Like any other pattern of planetary movement, there are up sides and down sides to the retrograde. The down side is that you may lose your keys, appointments may be missed, communication devices malfunction. All these things are trying to slow you down. Inconveniences may appear to be mountainous obstacles, but, thankfully, they are mere mole hills. The up side is it is a great time to review, revise and edit existing projects. Not to initiate anything new, like a binding contract. You may not fully understand it or have to re-do it on a future mercury retrograde. It is an excellent time to ferret out old secrets, but not to initiate new ones. If you are contemplating a big change, think it through carefully during the retrograde. You may feel differently when the retrograde is over. This being real life, you may have to move on a contract or purchase during the retrograde. Everything happens for a reason. Do the best you can and don't beat up on yourself for it. You may still be restless and ready for change, but stay wrapped in your own cocoon today. In St. Louis, stay warm and cozy.

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