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Astrology of Monday, January 6

Feelings and actions are not on the same page. Maybe you'd like to rest, but you have to get out and do things. I'm guessing part of you would like to hole up in introverted comfort, but you have to get out and you are steeling yourself to be an extrovert. Being where the action is, is not what in your heart.

Finding some common ground between your Moon in an earth sign and your Mars in a fire sign might be a start in getting these energies to work together. Seek grounding before you act. Be prepared to observe and learn from your interactions with others. For writers, you can reach mass audiences when your work is published. Put it out there. Realtors have to show houses to make sales and get people to move. There are many contexts for these energies, but the basic principles are the same. Stay grounded or your actions will not be serving your highest good. Reach out and in so doing, express your highest principles - and be prepared to learn more.

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