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Astrology of Saturday, January 11

Your feelings are aligned with your actions, and your intuition is seen through the actions it generates. You may think you have your course plotted out, until...

Insights and perceptions come, unbidden, making it hard for your feelings to take in these new facts. You shake your head to clear it and try to find a way to reconcile these new principles - or possibilities raised by newly available technology. But you are very aware of principles and ethics, and if you are convinced of the truth or the value of these new ideas, or technologies, you incorporate them into your life. You may see it as an unforseen, but beneficial change that is of value to you.

Women seem more adaptable to new circumstances. But beware that you are not misled by the glamour or appeal of new ideas. Make sure you are grounded in fact. If you operate from a very spiritual platform - being wedded to truth and substance over style. you'll benefit. If you feel confused,keep your powder dry; wait until certain before you move in a new direction.

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