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The Art of Prediction: Understanding Progressions and Transits


Sunday, February 23, 2020

Mystic Valley

12 - 3 pm

Cost: $45

Predictive Astrology can herald opportunities as well as trying periods. The techniques of Progressions (how you have grown) and Transits (what is affecting you now) will enable you to foretell periods of opportunity or challenges - and when such a period will end. Lemons or lemonade - you decide.

This class is for people who have some knowledge of astrology basics - who have taken my Learn Astrology course or done some independent reading or web surfing. It is not a beginner level class. It is appropriate for those seeking the spiritual meaning of life events.

Participants who pre-register by noon on Saturday, February 22, will get their birth charts to examine in class and a set of handouts. Walk-Ins are welcome, but handouts are not guaranteed without pre-registration. Examples will be drawn from those present.

Pre-register by noon on Saturday, February 22 by calling Mystic Valley, 314-645-3666. Class Maximum: 8 People

Linda Sherwin combines her 40 year love of astrology with a master's degree in counseling Lindenwood University, 2005. She studies astrology with Steven Forrest, a noted practitioner, lecturer and world wide teacher. She served on the Board of Kepler College, one of the first accredited colleges of astrologically based studies in Seattle, Washington. Linda brings a practical approach, always seeking tools to make life better now.

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