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Astrology of Sunday, March 22

A wintry mix is falling here in St. Louis. Snow is actually on the ground, (I'm hoping to make my spring garden next week!) which makes it easier to stay home,away from others.

I just read an email from my mentor, Steven Forrest, about the astrology of the Pandemic. He attributes it, in part, to the planet Eris being in Square aspect from Aries to Mars, Jupiter, and Pluto. Eris' mythology is a vindictive one - as he says, she likes to win, but she likes even more to see you lose. Pluto's darkest face is the shadow of its sign, Capricorn, where authority becomes authoritarian; conservation becomes hoarding. Together, these planets bring out the worst in each other. We see that as people selfishly hoard things - forcing the other person to lose out.

One thing is for sure, as we sit in isolation, it becomes apparent that we depend upon each other to survive. Our actions affect each other. The myth of "rugged individualism" - a good metaphor for planets in Capricorn, has reached a point where it is dysfunctional. It discounts the difficulties others have and actually can cause suffering. Everyone needs a little selfishness, but, as Steven says, "a little goes a long way. Read more of what he has to say at Forrest Astrology online. It is really good.

Today's astrology asks us to look at the balance between ourselves and others. We all depend on each other. When do our actions become self centered and how do we abandon selfishness and stand for the common good.

I believe in the basic goodness and generosity of the American people, and their ability to innovate and act kindly toward their neighbors, as a whole. I think that will prevail, but hardships and difficulties will be experienced as we face this challenge.

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