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Astrology of Wednesday, March 25

The divide that is present in our country - one side Conservative, the other Liberal, does show up in the astrology of today.

It is no surprise that there is a vote coming this afternoon on the coronavirus stimulus bill. Venus reaches a hand out to conservative forces, Pluto-Saturn-Jupiter while both sets of planets are making a favorable aspect to Neptune. Neptune can be very, very good, or very, very delusional - suggesting that the legislation needs close scrutiny. The forces that support the bill are in practical and pragmatic earth signs, indicating a desire to get something done. But the devil may be in the details. Indeed, Speaker Pelosi, while praising the bill for some provisions, wants to readit before supporting it, fearing it might contain some "poison pills".

Meanwhile we have a lineup of planets in the self focused sign of Aries - Sun, Moon, Chiron (the wound of the Centaur sits directly on the Sun of the chart, indicating some mourning from a warped sense of reality) Lilith and Eris. All of these planets present a friction laden aspect with the planets in Capricorn - Pluto, Jupiter, Mars (the gods of Hell, Opportunity and Conflict, respectively) . There is a sense that individuals must save themselves by their own efforts, care for each other, stand up for what is right, even if there is risk. Aries feels very alive when taking a risk. The common man cannot rely on the authorities to safeguard their interests.

The cool conservatives are in a pitched battle with the forces of individualism and self determination. This painful, but as a patriot said during the American Revolution, "We must hang together or we will surely hand separately."

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