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Astrology for Friday, March 27

Astrologically, isolation continues, and the rates of infection have a chance of dropping as Saturn (the Limiter), newly in Aquarius, stands in challenging aspect to Uranus in Taurus - a newly acquired thing causing great disruption to our practical routines. We've been shaken out of our rut, but the strategy of isolation is a good one.

The Sun, our center, is beginning to pull away from the hurtful efects of Chiron. The moon in Taurus is moving more toward a strategy of isolation.

That is good news for the US! As we turn to what we have known, the authority of science, we can make practical inroads on slowing the spread of the disease. New routines have been born - it isno longer odd to see someone wearing gloves to grocery shop and to keep distant from others in the room. No time to abandon what works.

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