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Astrology of Saturday, April 25

There is a dichotomy in the stars today. One faction is in conflict with the authorities and isn't shy about saying so - Sun/Mercury/Uranus (how I behave and communicate in my own unique way) challenging the voice of the authorities (Saturn/Pluto). They see clearly the need for a new reality as old institutions have broken down and are not fully functional. Venus in Gemini is undertaking the challenging job of isolating themselves, despite a desire to be more social.

The other group in this dichotomy may be bored, curious and unconvinced that isolation is necessary or desirable. The Moon and Venus in sociable Gemini wants to get together with boyfriends and are much more amenable to the interests of those in power. We are on a waxing moon, too, which makes this restlessness an unsurprising reaction. Whether or not it is a good and timely move, time will tell.

The nodes of the moon - emotional "moods" of the collective population will change next month, May 3. This shift happens once every 18 years, so it's effect on the collective is impactful. For the last 18 years, the north node has been in Cancer, and the south node in Capricorn. Tribalism was on the rise. The shortcomings of the effect of the patriarchy has been exposed, and a move begun (not ended) toward more matriarchal power - the Me, Too, movement, a desire by many for more compassionate governance (healthcare for all), etc. In fact, there is an increased concern over Mother Earth!

The sift of the nodes to north node in Gemini, south node in Sagittarius marks an increased desire on the part of the collective, for factual, scientific opinions. Old philosophies are questioned in light of facts. Where has society become pompous and out of touch with the current truth? Follow the facts!

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