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Astrology of Thursday, April 30

Tempers can flare today. Emotional comfort zones are the issue. New circumstances have forced folks to out of their comfort zone in their reaction, and they can see clearly the limitations of institutions and structures that were designed to serve the people and are failing miserably.

What concerns me more is the sheer number of planets that will go retrograde during the month of May. That means they will be retreading over old ground...and what has the ground been lately? Overcrowded hospitals, inadequate responses to a pandemic, a fight between lies and truth, surreptitious assumption of autocratic powers in many countries while all attention was focused on the crisis at hand.

I'm going to write at length about the retrograde planets during May and a generational shift in the Nodes of the Moon - where emotions meet our plane of experience. It is too long for this post, so check out Linda Sherwin Consulting, on Facebook or on the web.

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