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Astrology of Tuesday, May 5

There is a big, lay feel ood trine today between the Moon - our emotional security - Venus and Mars. The loves planets, Venus and Mars, and the heart - pretty good combo for l'amour in quarantine. Why not? You can only bake so much, although feeding the ones you love is a form of love, too. So is any family gathering to divvy up family goods.

Tomorrow is the big day, though. The Nodes of the Moon - the seat of feelings will meet the plane of reality in a new sign. For the last 18 years we've seen the rise of tribalism and polarities - patriarchal vs.matriarchal power, repubican vs. democrat, religious right vs. secularism, and so on. The nodes are changing sign for the first time in 18 years to the signs Gemini (north node) and Sagitarrius (south node). It will mean many things, among them, I think the importance of facts will increase, causing a resultant shift in philosophy among those not so entrenched in their viewpoints that they are too pompous to change. Facts cause changes in philosophy and there will be hard pushback from those who says facts notwithstanding, they are gonna believe what they are gonna believe.

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