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Astrology of Tuesday, June 9

The Sun in Gemini, symbolic of our own inner sun -source of life, ego, identity - is about 10 days away from uniting with the north node of the moon in Cancer. The node is a fated point and often represents the zeitgeist of a generation. Meanwhile, the institutions of power and authority - Pluto, Jupiter in Capricorn and Saturn in Aquarius are diametrically opposed to the fate of this nation.

Gemini represents journalists, those prepared to speak truth to power. Truth causes an adjustment to the powers that be, and they are resisting it mightily. The sensitive and powerful Moon, the heart, has just finished passing over these institutions of power, highlighting the fissures and cracks in systems that are breaking down in order to find a breakthrough....what comes next?

There is a yearning to find a more compassionate, matriarchal system as opposed to the patriarchal, grab them by the p***, only the wealthy are important, current system. A study (I read it on Facebook, so it must be true, lol) found that female leaders did the best job of responding to the Covid crisis.

I wish I could say with certainty what will happen and when or if a more compassionate system will be in place, but the stars inform; they do not compel. I can say with certainty that a response leavened with spirituality helps lift people up from confusion in the current crisis. I can say with certainty that people will speak, but also act. I can say with certainty that things will change. But everyone has free will and must decide for themselves what values they wish to express. Choose your words and actions wisely.

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