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Astrology of Saturday, June 13

I'll quickly comment on the astrology of the day, but don't miss the dates listed at the bottom of this article. A lot is coming up!

Most people are going to feel pretty good and easy going with Venus trining Jupiter. The desire for social contact is increasing.

However, ]Mars and Neptune are still in Pisces, so unconscious anger can erupt unexpectedly. A friend of mine, her logic infuriating a mentally ill (Neptune/Mars in Pisces) sibling (Venus in Gemini), drenched my friend with water (Pisces is water element) and tried to forcibly push my friend out of a room (Mars). The cosmos could actually get your attention by an injury or accident or pain. This is not the general result, but another sign that it is time to connect to yourself. Use this energy to define who you are - your identity.

This combination of planetary energies is trine Mercury, so it isn't a stretch to think you may be having a quarrel or, less negatively, having an unusual ability to articulate your concerns. When Mars and Neptune team up, as they are doing in Pisces, you can be a spiritual warrior for your beliefs, and heaven knows we need them right now!

Here is what is coming up:

Mercury Retrograde, 6/17 - 7/12

Venus goes direct - 6/25, but remains in her shadow until 7/29

(yes, Mercury and Venus will BOTH be retrograde from 6/17 - 6/24 - do NOT get a haircut or purchase a new computer that week, please!)

Solar Eclipse and Summer Solstice - 6/21 at 0 degrees Cancer

Lunar Eclipse - July 5 at 13 degrees Capricorn

And don't forget that Jupiter, Saturn, and Pluto are already retrograde.

if these movements contact a point in your natal chart, too, you will experience it with more intensity. But it is happening out in the world, too, and we are all in that context, so, to some degree, each of us is touched.

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