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Astrology of Sunday, June 28

Let's talk about ego and actions vs. love, compassion and healing. As the Sun in Cancer moves away from the karmic north node in Gemini, there is less reliance on facts, openness, curiosity. Judgments start to creep in and actions - Mars is in Aries - can be impulsive and either assertive or aggressive, but always, these actions are related to the will of the ego.

The early conditioning many of us had are opposed to this imposition of ego. The Moon, which rules habits, emotions and early childhood is in the sign Libra. Libra insists on social justice; the moon nurtures. The Moon and sociable Venus in Gemini is really at odds with the machismo of the Sun. It is inquisitive and caring.

These two forces do battle inside us and around us. When you feel like you are a tad hasty or impatient, watch out. Is your ego driving your actions? If you are more concerned with justice and compassion, isn't that a friendlier, kinder force?

Changes in our principles and institutions of authority are happening within and without us. Will your actions be driven by your ego or by your desire for fairness? Mercury is retrograde, so it is a good time to take these questions inside us and think carefully before jumping into action.

Mars in Aries is sitting at a point of friction with the eclipse on June 22 at 0 degrees Cancer. So how we choose to act (Mars) is of great importance. We can light a fire that will not go out until November. Think it through - the Sun (ego and solar reason) disappeared during the eclipse. Don't let it disappear from your actions.

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