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Astrology of Friday, July 24

Leo season arrived two days ago. Leo is noted for its spontaneity, romance and creativity. Let your inner child out to play this month! The nobility of the sign Leo is enhanced as a combination with the Moon in Virgo is like a gentleman offing his hat and asking "how may I best serve you." Noblesse oblige is the French way to describe it - the obligation of the king (Leo).

European countries often vacation (in the past - who knows now?) during Leo time, and what could be a better fit?

Virgo is always seeking a way to improve (and often hopes you will, too), so exercise your Leo creativity with a bit of skill building. Learning something new. Virgos often get really good at a number of things during their lifetime.

Monday, Mercury emerges from the shadow of their retrograde. Venus will emerge from its shadow on Friday. At long last, you can sign that contract, get a haircut or pursue agendas that are ruled by Venus and Virgo. Have fun. You are supposed to.

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