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Astrology for Saturday, October 24

Restless and unsettled, Uranus in Taurus opposite the Sun in Scorpio, is a major feature today. Uranus in Taurus signifies some revolutionary changes in financial systems are in the future. A lot of people (Sun = identity) are hurting financially.

Taurus also speaks to our physical planet. Surprises, unexpected events - who saw a pandemic coming? - who knew climate change would affect our world so dramatically, so soon? - are to be the norm. When Uranus comes to call, anywhere, astrologers stroke their beards and sagely say "Expect the unexpected". Well, thanks a lot. The point is, Uranus also speaks to a deep need for change, for allowing the unexpected to have an effect on events because something in the status quo isn't working and needs to change. The opposition to the Sun speaks to two levels of meaning - the leadership trying to hold back change and secondly, that change is going to hurt a bit. We may need a breakdown in our system to usher in something new, but it doesn't mean it will happen easily or painlessly.

The Moon is in liberty-loving Aquarius. So is the United States Moon in the Sibley Chart. The Moon in a mundane chart signifies the will of the people. The Moon in Aquarius (which is ruled by Uranus, btw) square Uranus in Taurus again emphasizes the need for change, for something bigger, but the square indicates, again, that the path is not easy. Moon in Aquarius is sextile Mars in Aries. The people are willing to vote with their feet - to take individual action that adds up to a big momentum. A blue wave, perhaps?

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