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Astrology for Sunday, November 1

Now that the Moon is moving away from full, it is further away from explosive Uranus in Taurus. although remaining in placid Taurus. Maybe NOW we will not feel so wired and edgy, slow down and be able to sleep. The Moon is, after all, Queen of the Night.

Today the Moon is trining Jupiter, Pluto and Saturn in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces is sextiling both the Moon and the Capricorn planets. The Nodes of the moon in Gemini (North Node) and Sagittarius (South Node) form a t-square with Neptune. All, in all, that is a lot of Neptune. Sun in Scorpio is trining Neptune and Venus in Libra forms an out of sign trine to Saturn in Capricorn.

Shakespeare said "to sleep, perchance to dream." There is a better than average chance that reams maybe important. Keep paper handy so that you can write down your dreams before they disappear into daylight. They might be prophetic, more likely, they may bring your symbols to waking consciousness from your inner sea.

With Neptune as a central figure, and the nodes square Neptune, the resolution of the t-square lies in Virgo, a sign of health care. Neptune can be idealistic and compassionate, and certainly, many people in our country will require the services of compassionate healthcare as the pandemic cases rise.

With Neptune involved today, you may be asked to help another, not for personal gain, but for the joy of being helpful. If you just feel ready to let down your hair and relax, that would be consistent with the planets, too.

On a more mundane level, idealism and compassion can require radical change and the structure to make that change real. Good daily health practices would be a solution to the mutable t-square's challenges.

A more negative manifestation of today's energies would be to buy into lies or conspiracy theories. Do some yoga and meditate instead.

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