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Astrology for July 11 - 15

There is a lot happening this week - Monday sees the second Pluto return to its starting place in the United States founding birth chart, The January 6 hearings resume on Tuesday and Thursday, and we have the Full Moon happening early afternoon on Wednesday, July 13. These events have a relationship to each other!

The first time Pluto returned to its starting place was at 27 degrees Capricorn was February 22, 2022 - two days before war erupted in Ukraine. The war began a process of breakdown as prices rose, NATO membership expanded and more. Ukraine acted as a lightning rod for other world changes, which is typical of Plutonian transformation - breaking down to break through. On Monday, July 11, 2022, we will experience the second pass of Pluto at 27 Capricorn. Capricorn is a sign of conservative government and big business. In the US Chart, it is located in the second house of values, both fiscal and personal. The bitcoin crisis seems to be destabilizing financial systems. And the sanctions against Russia are also disrupting trade and finances. Banking systems, big business and big government are in for a rough ride.

To give some history - at the Pluto half return, we had the Great Depression. There was also the Wall Street Putsch, and a rising chorus of fascist voices - including Charles Lindbergh! And when Pluto entered Capricorn in 2008, we saw a recession that President Obama and then Vice President Biden sought to contain. In the process, millions were given to the banking system.

In 2016 - 2020, we saw a conservative tax cut for the wealthy, the autocratic and a fascist agenda that denied us a peaceful transition of power to the duly elected President Biden. And, as the demographics in America began to shift away from a white majority for the first time, White Supremacy came out swinging, determined to hold onto power against blacks, minorities, immigrants, women and transgendered or gay people.

Pluto in Capricorn looks at the shadow side of our Republic - issues we have not dealt with, such as slavery, homophobia, women's rights, civil rights, even the right of the federal government to regulate business, to provide a social safety net. All are in the crosshairs. And, yes, the right of women to control their own bodies is at stake, too.

Pluto's actions need not be isolated to the moment of exact return to its natal place; the effects can take months or even years to manifest fully. Pluto moves so slowly, I like to think of it as hot water boiling a frog. The frog hardly notices as the water gets warm and warmer, until it is suddenly unbearable.

While we may not see the full range of the Plutonian effects this week, I think we will see something quite shocking. This leads me to the hearings on January 6 that resume this week. Pat Cippiloni will be featured, and he can both corroborate Cassidy Hutchinson or bring out new information. The karmic nodes of the moon are transiting at a place that supports the full moon, so we may be pulled out of our comfort zone into new territory.

On Wednesday, July 13, the full moon is in Capricorn at 21 Capricorn - not too far away from Pluto at 27 Capricorn. Under the light of the full moon, with the Sun in Cancer and Moon near Pluto in Capricorn, one can see clearly. This also gives me the idea that the hearings will reveal hidden things for us to see in the clear, cold light of the full moon. On the world stage or in your personal life, the full moon is a good time to measure progress. Capricorn is symbolized by a mountain goat, scaling its way to the heights. A good question to ask is - I have been climbing the mountain, but has it been the right mountain? (all credit to Steven Forrest who turned me on to this question).

Under this Full Moon, the Sun lies in sensitive Cancer- do I have the emotional base that leads me to climb the mountain most satisfying for me? Am I pursuing status and power or taking care of my emotional needs. You can extrapolate that energy to the world as well - are we climbing the right mountain? Are our goals lined up with our most urgent emotional needs? I cannot help but think of climate change. Are we aligned behind that goal? Trevor Noah said that the media likes to talk about the SCOTUS decision on the EPA as a red vs blue issue, when in reality, the ability to restrict damage to the environment is a life or death thing for the planet, not jut red or blue parties.

Much of the action this week takes place at 20 - 27 degrees Capricorn and Cancer. If you have planets at those degrees or in Aries or Libra, even very early degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, you may feel these transits in a more personal way.

Be well and watch the hearings and listen to the news!


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