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Astrology for Monday, November 30

There was a partial eclipse of the moon early this morning or late last night, depending on where you live.

The earth's shadow fell on the moon as the earth passed between the Sun and Moon. Eclipses are known for being a pivotal point. New directions are taken. The eclipse will occur with the Sun at 9 degrees Sagittarius and the Moon at 9 degrees Gemini.

The Sun and Moon are at exactly opposite points, so they can eye one another warily. The are very different, but opposites attract, too, so in some ways they complement each other. Both are involved in facts and truth, with Gemini logically amassing facts without judging them, and Sagittarius organizing facts into what they feel is a semblance of The Truth.

Gemini and Sagittarius are very friendly to logic and science. We may hear more about vaccine development or the science of this pandemic.

Neptune in Pisces widely squares both ends of the eclipse points. Under the light of the eclipse, some truths may come to light that were previously hidden. Among other things, Neptune rules hospitals. The public may have a more accurate view of conditions in our hospitals. Sagittarius covers law, so it may highlight the lack of laws providing healthcare during a pandemic. The open leg of the t-square between Sun in Gemini, Moon in Sagittarius and Neptune in Pisces lies in Virgo territory. Virgo activities - like nursing, using grounded common sense in taking care of one's health - providing healthcare - these are all ways to resolve this t-square.

Gemini also rules the lungs, in the element of air. Sagittarius is in fire, a spreading influence. We are in a holiday season. Draw your own conclusions.


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