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Astrology for Monday, September 20

Magic and mystery is here! The Moon is in Pisces today, conjunct dreamy, spiritual Pisces. At its highest, put aside the needs of the Sun, the ego, and listen to the voice of the cosmos. It is whispering to your heart now. Which will you pay attention to - the voice of logic, or the voice of your intuition.

The best thing to do is to balance head and heart, knowing each has their place, and each has wisdom to offer you.

The veil is thin today. Awareness of other worlds beckons. Use it. Service and compassion meet the needs of the Sun and Moon very neatly. It is giving you roughly 14 days to review and revise recent actions. Is there anything you wish to change?

A bigger cycle is important today, too. The Pisces New Moon was on March 13, 2021. On the Pisces full moon, we have reached a culmination of projects and attitudes begun at that time.

When the Moon is in Pisces, it is always good to meditate, pay attention to your dreams, feel music and dance to it (Pisces rules the feet).

The Sun in Virgo favors doing sacred duty - faith through works - Pisces simply believes. Have a good Full Moon!


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