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Astrology for Saturday, November 28

The Moon is in Taurus, as it was yesterday, but it has passed by Uranus in Taurus and is in a calmer state. Moon in Taurus is sensual and loves rich indulgences. So Black Friday might have presented some pretty intense temptations. The Moon also opposes Juno, an asteroid of hearth and home, so an indulgent purchase for the home. perhaps?

But all that skates the surface. Taurus is a fixed and earthy sign, too, confident when it has resources and hating the insecurity when times are tight. They are tight right now, and the people(symbolized by the moon) are longing for stability for themselves and their families. They long for rules and infrastructure, legal and material, that they can understand!

There is also a lot going on behind the scenes. Neptune in Pisces is square the transiting nodes of the Moon, bringing a whiff of delusion into the mix. Neptune also trines Mercury in Scorpio. Some of this will play out as simple escapism and daydreaming. We need that from time to time. Neptune oppose Mercury can certainly mean secretive discussions are taking how Trump can burn the house down and set Biden up for failure.

Neptune in Pisces also manifests as the isolation and infection of the Pandemic. The cross to the Nodes means science and logic (North Node in Gemini) could end the pandemic. The way out of the transiting t-square is Virgo - through service, helping with healing arts, daily health care. Wearing a mask is an earthy and realistic way to work out this t-square while we wait for a vaccine.


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