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Astrology for Sunday, April 11 - New Moon in Aries

You know that whoosh! sound a fire makes when it hits combustion? That is what I keep hearing as I look at the Aries New Moon. With an impressive stellium of planets in Aries - Chiron, Mercury, Sun, Moon, Eris and Venus - the emphasis is on action. The fire has been lit, baby! All planets in direct motion - time to move forward! The ruler of Mars (fire) is in Gemini (air) so we have combustion!

Of course, at core, Aries is the terrain of identity - who am I, and what do I stand for? Aries wants to shake free of past wounds, get them healed and move forward - within the next 5 minutes, please! Seriously, the New Moon in Aries is colored by close proximity to the planet Eris. In mythology, Eris was the sister of Ares, Good of War, and this vengeful goddess delighted "in the groans of people dying on the battlefield. Grim, huh? I interpret Eris to signify where we have felt unheard or undervalued. The healing of this primal wound would be to speak up, be heard. So men and women who feel they have not been invited to the party may want to make their feelings known. Power to the powerless.

While Eris signifies downtrodden populations, this new Moon means the Moon, Eris and Venus - feminine planets - are in close proximity. So there may be an emphasis on being heard (Power to the People!), but it may be strongly colored by women's longstanding issues. There is a long history of women not having full rights or powers - we couldn't even get credit in the United States on our own until the late 50's or so!

Women could not get the vote until the 20th century! If you need more details on how women have fared under the patriarchy, google the #Me, Too movement.

The New Moon always heralds a 14 day growth cycle. With all the planets in Aries, take time to think and act upon the question "Who Am I? What am I willing to stand up for?" and be ready to hear, really hear, the voices of the powerless. Truth to power, people!


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