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Astrology for Sunday, November 15

Jupiter, Pluto and Pallas Athene in Capricorn are very closely sextile the Sun in Scorpio, joining these two fertile elements, water and earth. Is that good or bad? Astrological symbols are neutral - we have free will to

use their energies (and they must be used; the energy does not disappear) as we wish. Sometimes we take the high road and the angels applaud; sometimes we take the low road and the angels shake their heads.

Jupiter and Pluto are figures that have rulership and power. They operate at their highest when they are working for the benefit of others. Pallas Athene can be a stalwart companion in taking a stand for the needy. Sextile the Sun in Scorpio and Pisces in Neptune, there can be motivation born of idealism and faith. Power can be used to build bridges rather than foster divide. I think the angels would find that applause worthy.

On the other hand, power (Capricorn planets) can be used to serve ego (Sun in Scorpio) and foster a watery buy in of fantasies (Neptune in Pisces, webs of lies, deception. Both are not only possible, we are seeing them play out in real time.

Meanwhile, the pandemic rages on, unchecked. Some attribute the pandemic to Neptune in Pisces. Others say it is Eris, those who are not heard, but who pay the price, like people of color. Others look to the asteroid Wuhan. Or the Nodes of the moon transiting Gemini North Node - Gemini rules the lungs. Probably all of the above.

We know what to do....wear a mask. Stay away from each other. But these simple solutions are being blocked because of untruths and spin. A virus is not political; neither should our solution be.


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